Travel Photos

Countries Visited
Ardennes & Tongeren - December 2007 (3399 views, 0 comments)
Three days in the Ardennes (Durbuy and La Roche) and a visit to Tongeren on the way home.
Barcelona - December 2007 (5313 views, 0 comments)
Four days in Barcelona exploring the city and watching Lotte win an award.
Riga (Latvia) - October 2007 (2441 views, 0 comments)
A quick trip to Riga for some business.
East Africa - Summer 2007 (30824 views, 0 comments)
Three and a half weeks in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and especially Tanzania, doing a safari and climbing two volcanoes, one still active.
Luxemburg - July 2007 (6977 views, 0 comments)
A three-day trip to Luxemburg.
Berlin & Copenhagen - April 2007 (12875 views, 2 comments)
A car trip to Berlin and Copenhagen with visits to five other cities along the way.
Boekenbeurs - 2 November 2007 (2745 views, 0 comments)
The presentation of my book about the Antwerp language at the Boekenbeurs, Flanders' biggest book fair.
Peru & Bolivia - Summer 2006 (68870 views, 4 comments)
From Lima to the south of Bolivia and back, with two climbs to near and above 6000m along the way.
India & Nepal - November 2005 (89195 views, 5 comments)
A trek to Everest Base Camp, visits to the cities of the Kathmandu Valley, and a journey through northern India.
Mexico & Guatemala - January 2005 (14893 views, 2 comments)
From Mexico City to Cancun in three weeks, through Guatemala and Belize and with a quick bonus run through Chicago.
Los Angeles - December 2004 (3024 views, 0 comments)
Four days in Los Angeles for some private business.
Flemish Cities - July 2004 (4126 views, 0 comments)
Walking around the historic city centres of Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp.
Middle East - Spring 2004 (126995 views, 14 comments)
Around the Middle East in 80 days, going from Turkey to Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Egypt and back to Turkey.
Egypt - September 2003 (20815 views, 0 comments)
Three weeks in Egypt, visiting the ancient monuments, driving through the Western Desert and exploring Cairo and Alexandria.
Greece - April 2003 (3163 views, 3 comments)
Nine days in Greece, exploring Athens and visiting Meteora, Delphi, Thermopylae and other places.
Sweden - January 2003 (3904 views, 0 comments)
A week in Uppsala, with a visit to Stockholm and some skiing on Kungsberget.
Sweden & Norway - June 2002 (4376 views, 0 comments)
A two week road trip around Scandinavia, to the Lofoten Islands north of the polar circle and back.