Site News Smurf clemento in deserto Tuesday 12 May 2009
We're four days into our car trip so far and it's been fantastic already, wonderful views along the way - especially the mountain passes - and beautiful kasbahs, especially Ait Ben-Haddou which was the highlight of the trip so far, just like I expected it would be. We first visited it in the evening but it was cloudy so I woke up at 5am next morning, saw that the sky was clear and went back again to make lots of beautiful pictures in the early sunlight. I did the same next day to climb the little mountain near Zagora, that way lazy Lotte can sleep late while I get some exercise.

Two days ago we arrived in Merzouga on the edge of the Sahara near the Algerian border. We walked and climbed the lovely dunes there and last night did a camel trip including a night under the stars. Unfortunately it was cloudy and almost no stars to see, luckily I'd already tried out the star map my little sister gave me the night before and actually found Saturn and the constellation of Leo (my sign incidentally). I hope to get more stargazing occasions in the remaining days. We're now starting to head back west towards Marrakesh and plan to visit the Todra and Dades gorges along the way and hopefully visit a silver mine.


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