Site News Marrakesh Wednesday 6 May 2009
Aaah, finally found a decent internet connection. Yesterday we arrived in Marrakesh and were very amazed to find a very modern, clean and seemingly prosperous city. This feels more like Barcelona than like what you'd expect here. Also, mostly modern looking people. You see more women with head-scarves in my area of Antwerp than here, for example. Very touristy feel to the place though, even though only a small percentage of the people walking around are actually tourists.

On the train yesterday I made a great plan for a tour around the south of Morocco by rental car. We're leaving here friday morning and it will take about 7 days, filling most of the rest of our journey. It will take us over the highest pass in the Atlas, through the Draa valley, past all the major kasbah's and castles, into the Dades Gorge and over small roads in desert area right to the edge of the sahara for a desert excursion. So I'll probably be offline the whole week, dunno.

Btw if the swine flue catches on in Europe we're not coming back and will just settle in Marrakesh :p


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