Traveling Laos, Thailand Friday 25 July 2008
Wednesday was my birthday, and in the morning I got two presents from Lotte and a bit later during breakfast a cake with burning candles shaped as the letters I L O V E Y O U - she brought those from Belgium :)

In the afternoon we made a trip to the Tat Kuang Si waterfall, which was the nicest waterfall I've seen so far. Now it had been raining a lot and as a result the path to the middle of the waterfall had become a waterfall itself, so we got all wet but got rather spectacular pictures - pretty much like standing under the waterfall itself.

Luang Prabang itself was mediocre, I don't understand why it is hyped so much. Anyway yesterday we flew to Chiang Mai in Thailand. At 11:30 we stepped out of our hotel room in Laos, at 14:45 we had checked into our room in Chiang Mai and 15 minutes later we were in the hotel pool.

As expected Thailand is very touristy, I won't like it nearly as much as Vietnam. Chiang Mai isn't very interesting with just lots and lots of small buddhist temples - and I've seen enough of those in Luang Prabang to last a lifetime. But tomorrow we're heading south to more interesting places. Today Lotte followed a Thai cooking course here btw, she enjoyed that a lot.


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