Traveling Goodbye Cambodia + Photos! Monday 21 July 2008
Yesterday we did more temples and more swimming. The temples were as awesome as before, Angkor is really amazing. In the temple that is covered by jungle (a famous sight) we got a great pic of us in the most picturesque spot; sitting between tree roots which grab an ancient building. Usually when you ask someone to make a picture the result is awful, but this time we got really lucky.

At 3pm today we are flying to Luang Prabang in Laos. I'm using this morning to upload some of our pictures as a backup, which means you can view them too. Here are some pictures of Cambodia, with the one I just described as album cover:
Cambodia 2008
And here are some pictures of Vietnam:
Vietnam 2008
Clicking these pics will open the Picasa web albums. Aight gotta run now, see you in Laos.


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