Traveling Angkor Wat Saturday 19 July 2008
So yesterday we took the bus to Siem Reap. The bus was comfy and timely, but unfortunately it had many loudspeakers installed and they were used to subject us to Cambodian music during most of the trip, with the cheesy videoclips playing on two screens to rub it in. Fortunately I had my mp3-player with me. Lotte was not so lucky, but when faced with the terror that is Cambodian music, it is each man and woman to him/herself.

The hotel reservation held and we were delighted with our big luxurious room and the big terrace with two deckchairs and a view on the garden. We're also enjoying the hotel pool every day. And this costs us only about 35 euro per night :)

Today we went to see the tempels for the first time. We started with Angkor Wat itself, which is actually only one of many ancient monuments. Next I saw the bayon, one of the other start temples. Both are magnificent and huge with incredible amounts of ornamentation. Way more impressive than the Mayan pyramids, almost on par with Egyptian monuments - that good.

Tomorrow will also be spent visiting temples and then cooling down in the pool :)


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