Traveling Last day in Phnom Penh Thursday 17 July 2008
Today was our last day here. In the morning we first found a pharmacy to get something to ease the many insect bites we have - Lotte didn't sleep at all because of the itching. We got a nice pic of our legs full of bites :) Afterwards I visited the royal palace here, with the silver pagoda inside, and it was absolutely beautiful, even more than expected. Very beautiful architecture they have here. I think I made 200 pictures in 2 hours.

Then we went to the famous Killing Fields. There's only a pagoda with skulls of victims piled up, the actual killing fields are just that - fields. With some trenches where the mass graves were.

Then after a late lunch we went swimming in the pool of Phnom Penh's most luxurious hotel. We were in the water for just a few minutes when the Monsoon rain began again, which was cool. We stayed in the water for over an hour because it was warm while getting out in the wind would be too cold :)

Tomorrow we head to Siem Reap - the town near Angkor Wat - for three nights. I've booked a room with a balcony in a nice hotel with a swimming pool, so if the reservation holds we can swim every morning and evening the next few days. But first we got a long bus ride to do.

I'd like to upload some pictures but Internet is just too slow here, hopefully I can do it later. Cheers for now...


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