Traveling Holiday in Cambodia Tuesday 15 July 2008
Hello from Phnom Penh. The first one and a half days of the tour in the Mekong delta were great, boating through local markets. The other one and a half day were bad though as we spent most time just traveling. But now we're in the capital of Cambodia (my 40th country btw!) and from what I've seen so far this town looks as nice to be in as Saigon, and it has more to see. We'll stay two or three nights to see the royal palace, the silver pagoda and the killing fields before heading to Angkor Wat.

We're making this trip in the middle of the rainy season. We'd been worried about that but here's how it's been so far: a few raindrops (not even enough to get wet) at 6pm on day 1, the same on day 2, no rain at all on day 3, and today (day 4) 5 minutes of normal rain. So far I have to say the notorious Asian Monsoon doesn't hold a candle to Belgian rain.


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