Traveling No probrems in Saigon Friday 11 July 2008
Hello from Saigon! We arrived in the late afternoon after stopovers in Frankfurt and Bangkok. For the first time in my life I managed to get some sleep on a plane - Lotte credits her soothing presence - so I'm feeling good. We immediately liked this city; it's very lively and colourful, it's also clean and there are a hundred places to eat in every street. I think I'm gonna eat noodle soup and fried rice every day this trip, yum.

We got a clean room with bathroom, airco, fridge and satellite tv for 12$, and had a full meal for about 3$ each. I decided to start with noodle soup so tomorrow I'll have fried rice for lunch. Anyway it's evening now and Lotte is sleeping while I'm wide awake due to jet lag so here I am. If this were the end of our trip we'd be buying lots of stuff in the shops here, lots of nice statues and handmade bags and scarfs etc. As it is we'll just hope Bangkok has all this stuff too.

Okay I'll now go try to get tired some other way, ta mbje! (that's bye in Vietnamese according to my own Vietnamese spelling, I learned the basics from a lady on the plane)


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