Music The other Godsmurf Friday 9 May 2008
While googling for myself I found out there's now another Godsmurf who's making hip-hop music, check out his music on My favourite is track 10 because it begins with "This is a Godsmurf production", haha.

I'll have to eliminate this impostor though. There can be only one.

Godsmurf Wed 11 Jun 2008 @ 14:04
And you probably don't even know that my full nickname is actually "Godsmurf.Cx" :) (cfr. Goatse was the clan pervert :/

Jennie Doolittle Fri 06 Jun 2008 @ 05:56
hahah my boyfriend just asked me whether I'd heard of "".... and actually he was referring to but his tiny, misinformed brain led me to your website..... see, God has a purpose after all

I mean who hasn't heard of goatse? duh.


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