Vacation Back from Barcelona Monday 3 December 2007
I'm back from 4 days in Barcelona with Lotte. I'd been there once before in 2002 and since then have called it my favourite city in the world. Meanwhile I've been to 23 new countries but Barcelona impressed me as much as it did back then; it's still easily the most beautiful and interesting city I've been to.

The reason for going this time was Lotte's jewelry. Last year she won the Enjoia't award for jewelry design in the student category and as a result there was an exhibition of her work in a gallery in Barcelona during the last month. We went there for the closing of that exhibition and because Lotte was going to participate in the same competition again, this time in the category for professional designers.

I'm very proud to say that she won once again and will now have a solo exhibition of her work in Barcelona's biggest jewelry gallery next May! The award ceremony, in a Barcelonese night club, was a thriller because we didn't understand much of what the presenter was saying (all in Catalunyan) and thought the prize had already been awarded to someone else. But then Lotte's name was announced and it turned out that this was for the big prize and that the previous names were for the runner-up positions :)

I made many pictures of Barcelona, of the exhibition and of the Enjoia't award ceremony and have a lot to tell about it all, so I'll try to make a photo report here.


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