Music Interpol in Brussels Saturday 24 November 2007
Yesterday I saw Interpol perform in Vorst Nationaal in Brussels. Interpol was one of my favourite bands of recent years, along with Tool and Archive, until last July when they released their third album which sucks. I'd already bought tickets for this concert then, and luckily they played many songs from their brilliant first two albums as well.
Like Tool they played all their songs almost exactly like on CD, didn't speak and didn't do anything surprising, so it wasn't much different from listening to their music at home. Highlight of the concert was "Not Even Jail", surprisingly because that song doesn't stand out in recording. They played "Slow Hands", their best song, too fast in my opinion, and they didn't play "Leif Erikson", my second favourite Interpol song.

All-in-all an enjoyable concert with great music, but still a waste of money since they just emulated their recordings. 7/10


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