About me Toes falling off Sunday 28 October 2007
When I climbed the volcano Nyiragongo in Congo in August, I had forgotten to clip my toenails and on the way down that really hurt and afterwards I found that my two big toenails were all bloody underneath. I've had that before and eventually the blood grew out of them, but when I got home Lotte cast one look at them and said "they're going to fall off". That sounded horrible and impossible so I bet her they wouldn't, but a week ago I noticed my right toenail was practically loose and today, more than two months after that descent, I've had to pull it off. It felt like amputating part of myself, ew! But underneath it's just skin, not the bloody pile of flesh I was expecting, so I didn't faint. Toenail number two is still looking good so the bet may still be a draw!

Godsmurf Sun 04 Nov 2007 @ 14:55
I have some though. I'll show them at our next dinner :)

Willie Thu 01 Nov 2007 @ 18:27
Thanks for NOT posting pictures, ieuw


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