About me Book and exposition Friday 19 October 2007
I feel part of a celibrity couple these days :) First off, Lotte is getting a solo-exposition of her jewelry in Barcelona next month, and is also invited to give a lecture about it at the end of the exposition. Slight problem though, the organisers in Barcelona printed the cool invitations you see below (click to enlarge) before checking the date with her; Lotte was only planning to go to Barcelona for the opening of the exposition and it remains to be seen if she can go again at the end.

Meanwhile my book has been printed, Katastroof (a famous local band whose texts I used in the book) is advertising it on their site, and I'll be giving a lecture about it on the Boekenbeurs. Here's a picture of all copies of my book, ready to go forth and conquer the world...

Posh and Becks have nothing on us!

Willie Tue 23 Oct 2007 @ 10:08
Nice :-)

BosjeR Mon 22 Oct 2007 @ 22:59
Nice one, congratulations again ;)

Fragske Sun 21 Oct 2007 @ 03:10
i want a signed copy ! :D


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