Gaming 100% profit - wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Thursday 11 October 2007
Earlier I wrote how I bought Nintendo shares on February 22nd for 203 euro a piece and made a 25% profit after 4 months. Then in July I wrote about it again when I was at 50% profit after just 5 months.

Well, today, less than 8 months after buying the shares, my precious Nintendo stock has more than doubled in value; they're at 414 euro a piece right now, or 104% more than what I paid. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving :) I'm still not selling though, so it's all theoretical profit still. Nintendo is now the 2nd most valuable Japanese company btw, ahead of the likes of Sony and Honda. Only Toyota is more valuable still.

Update: To celebrate my new found riches, I bid on three different watches on eBay, and I won all three bids :) So as of now I guess I'm a watch collector.


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