Traveling End of trip Friday 7 September 2007
The fabled beaches of Zanzibar turned out to be boring places, so after swimming in the Indian ocean yesterday afternoon and this morning we returned to Zanzibar town to spend our last evening here. Tomorrow afternoon we get on a flight to Nairobi, and there we take a night flight to Europe. Sunday I'm back in Belgium, monday I'm back in the traffic jams around Brussels :(

In other news, I'll be presenting my book about the Antwerp language on the Boekenbeurs (Flanders' biggest book event) on Friday 2nd November at 14:30. By then I'll also need to have created the web site that goes with the book, so it's gonna be busy times the next few weeks.

shamrockske Sun 09 Sep 2007 @ 21:27
funny. I thought the same about Zanzibar. Stonetown is fun for a (short) while, but the isle is highly overrated.


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