Traveling Socialist Peak Tuesday 4 September 2007
We just got back from climbing Mount Meru - called Socialist Peak here - and it was great. On the second day we climbed from 2500m to 3500m very fast and wanted to continue straight to the top, but clouds gathered there so we decided to climb tonight like scheduled. We started at 2:15am this morning without having slept, and arrived on top at exactly 6am, a few minutes before the sunrise. Along the way we paused to make some moonlight pictures of the silhouette of the mountain and of the clouds below us, and they look great. We stayed on the top for an hour (very cold there though), taking many more great pictures. From Mount Meru you have an excellent view on the Kilimanjaro. On the way down we got to see the mountain and its crater (it had been too dark on the way up), looks very impressive.

We're both exhausted now, so we're gonna sleep early. Tomorrow at 6am we head to Zanzibar.


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