Traveling Pole pole Saturday 1 September 2007
Today's a break day. We arranged our climb of Mount Meru, tomorrow morning we begin with a long walk to the first hut at 2500m. Monday will be a short steep climb to the second hut at 3570m, where we'll try to get some sleep before setting out at midnight to climb to the summit (4566m) in the dark to catch the sunrise. The last hundreds of meters we'll be walking on the crater rim, will be very cool but we'll only really see it on the way down. We do the whole descent right after summitting and should arrive back in Arusha Tuesday evening. Dunno if I'll have time to get online then, because Wednesday at 6am we're taking a bus to Dar-es-Salaam where we hope to arrive in time to catch the last ferry to Zanzibar, where we finish this trip.


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