Traveling Arusha Friday 31 August 2007
Today we arrived in Arusha after the safari, which was superb. We literally saw all the animals we could hope to see: lions, giraffes, hippos, a rhino, etc etc. Tomorrow we take it easy here, after that we start our climb of Mount Meru (about 4550 meter) which should take 3 days. More later!

Ok here's more. I updated last time in Mwanza and that night when I went to bed I got very sick, had to throw up repeatedly and empty my bowels in all possible ways; I spent the night running between my bed and the bathroom. By 6am my body was completely empty. I couldn't eat or drink because I'd immediately throw up again. They always say you have to drink a lot when you have diarrhea but what to do in this case? :) Well I knew, because two years ago I had the exact same thing in Nepal. In the end it turned out to be giardiasis, a tropical parasite. This time it wasn't as bad as last time, during the day I started feeling okay except that I had to fight against sleep all day because I'd been awake so long (+30 hours) after the two very short nights between bus rides. This was the first day of our Serengeti safari and by the afternoon when we spotted a lion I could hardly lift my head from the seat in front of me. That evening we camped in tents, I just had a minute soup (my only food all day) and went to bed at 8pm with a sleeping pill and slept like a rock. Next morning I felt just fine and enjoyed the second day of the safari fully - this day we drove into the Ngorongoro crater, a fabulous landscape though the wildlife was a bit less abundant than in the Serengeti. Today was the third day and we could have visited the Lake Manyara NP but since by all accounts that's less interesting than the other two we opted to visit a snake zoo instead which was superb, they had all kinds of lethal pythons and cobras which were all very lively, got great pics and movies. In the afternoon we were dropped in Arusha. A very unpleasant place this, lots of tourist hassle, though we had fun walking into the football stadium where a match was taking place. If tomorrow I'm feeling 100% again then on Sunday we start to climb Mount Meru, which towers over this city.


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