Traveling Ups and downs Thursday 23 August 2007
This was one of those days that started badly but turned out good. It took us 3 hours to get to the entry of the Nyungwe rainforest, much longer than expected, and there we were told that it is no longer allowed to hike through it without a guide (and I hate being guided) and that you're forced to pay 30 dollar each for one. Despite the long trip to get there we told them we'd rather not visit the forest at all then. My mood was far below zero at that point but we just started walking back over the road that cuts through the jungle and found several paths that ran into it, so we explored those by ourselves and ended up having a good time and seeing some nice stuff (like very weird trees). When we'd returned from our last and longest forray into the forest (a climb which gave us a view on Lake Kivu in the distance) and were just walking down the road again, we were picked up by a Serb who works in Rwanda. He gave us a lift all the way back to Butare, so we were back much earlier than expected and had time to shower etc. So a good day after all. Tomorrow morning we take a bus to Bujumbura, hopefully the Burundese border crossing won't be as unpleasant as the Rwandese one was (read below).

Godsmurf Tue 28 Aug 2007 @ 18:49
Well, we would have paid them to NOT guide us :)

Fia Mon 27 Aug 2007 @ 01:50
I want to see rainforest pictures! (Also, paying the guides probably helps conserving the rainforest from poachers and exploitation, so it's not all bad...)


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