Traveling If it's Friday, this must be Rwanda Saturday 18 August 2007
On Friday we woke up at 6am hoping to get the bus to Kigali at 7am, but it was full and so was the 9am bus. So we went to another company and luckily got a bus ticket for 9:30. We quickly checked out Kampala and then went to the bus station. The bus departed three hours late @&*()#^@#&*()$. At the border with Rwanda we had to run to get a visa before the migration office closed, but they refused to give us a visa because apparently we needed to arrange it in advance. We pleaded and tried to bribe them but nothing helped and it looked like we might have to spend the night outside between the two border posts, to be eaten alive by mosquitos, because our Uganda visa was already stamped. Luckily there was also an Irish couple and the woman did a great job pleading with the guy. After an hour he finally gave in while our bus driver was constantly threatening to leave.

Anyway once in Rwanda things went great, it's a beautiful country, Kigali seems like a much more upscale city than Kampala, and the hotel and other facilities here are amazingly modern and clean. We're going to visit the genocide memorial today, check out the famous Hotel des Milles Collines (of the movie Hotel Rwanda) and then head to Gisenyi at lake Kivu. It may be a while before I update this site again because we'll climb a volcano.


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