Traveling To Africa Monday 13 August 2007
So Wednesday I'm off to Africa with Danny. This may well become my most adventurous trip to date, but I've never been so badly prepared, I just haven't had the time. This is what we want to do:
  • Fly to Kampala (Uganda) on Wednesday
  • Go rafting on the Nile in a grade 5 current on Thursday. That's the highest grade and we're guaranteed to be slung out of the boat a couple of time, but it's supposed to be safe because there are no rocks to crash on.
  • Go to Kigali (Rwanda) on Friday. This is where our actual planning stops :)
  • Check out lake Kivu and climb a volcano.
  • Go to Bujumbura (Burundi)
  • Travel along lake Tanganyika to Kigoma (Tanzania)
  • Take a train + bus to Arusha (Tanzania). This will be a 30h trip at least
  • Go on a safari in the Serengeti for 4 or 5 days (nothing arranged yet)
  • Climb Mount Meru (4566m) if there's time
  • Head to Dar-es-Salaam and on to Zanzibar from where we fly back home on September 8th.

If it all works out our route will look like this (click here to see it in Google Maps where you can zoom in).

The safari was originally the main purpose of the journey but now that we've decided to go through Rwanda, Burundi and the heartland of Tanzania, far from the tourist route, I'm far more excited about that. If we can't go through Burundi we'll have to change everything though and will either cross Lake Victoria by boat or go back to Uganda and through Kenya to get to Arusha. I'll update this site with my whereabouts regularly.

Robert Sat 15 Sep 2007 @ 12:15
I was there too. I visited Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the Volcano in Goma /congo. provided every thing for me for 175$, this cost included all park fees, camping equipment, guide,porter and our transportation from the border of Rwanda/ Gisenyi to the base of the volcano Kibati. this is Their website.

You have a very nice Site.


D Tr Mon 13 Aug 2007 @ 23:03

You responded to the posting about climbing the volcano in the DRC. This is Danel writing back it was our friend that made the orignal post for us. So...I'm not sure if your dates and our dates are going to line up...we are currently in Uganda but will return to Rwanda before the end of August...but as you finalize your plans keep us up to date...of course we would also love to go with more people as that is always more entertaining and we can also split up the costs of drivers and guides. We were thinking of booking the thing with Goma Tour I think their website is We emailed them and they quoted us for $150 US dollars for each of us. I think this includes all park fees, camping equipment, guide, and porter. We would still need to figure out our transportation from the border of Rwanda to the base of the volcano. Okay...well, let me know what you guys have figured out about what guides you are planning to us and such...cause even if our dates don't line we can still help each other with tips. A few friends or ours UN workers just climbed the volcano and they said it was amazing and that we should definitely do we are super hyped. Okay...this message is already quite long...if you can reply directly to my email account at xxxxxxx(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Great, hope to hear from you soon!


PS. We are also looking at rafting in Uganda this week, what company are you thinking of doing it with. We were thinking of Nile River Explorers.


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