Photos Travel reports updated Monday 4 June 2007
Thanks to a freeware editor which lets you search&replace with regular expressions (Notepad++), I was able to convert my travel reports to the new gallery script in no time. So now visitors can easily browse through my Middle East, Mexico & Guatemala, India & Nepal, Peru & Bolivia and other pictures, and all these pictures should get picked up by Google Images within weeks. Only the Egypt 2003 report is still unchanged because it has a complicated layout.

I've also solved the nasty old problem of characters like ñ, ü and å being shown as ? in the travel reports (e.g. in "Ca?on de Palca", "L?beck" and "Vester?len"). The reason was that my old text editor uses ANSI character encoding and I needed something more modern like UTF. Converting the files from ANSI to UTF wasn't a straightforward job; most editors screw up the special character when doing that. But I finally found an editor called EditPad which can convert character encodings properly.


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