Photos New photo gallery script Wednesday 30 May 2007
I've integrated a new photo gallery script in this site. I started from the Lightbox 2 scipt, but added some code to add tooltips to the thumbnails. I've updated my Greece 2003 photo report to try the new script, and it works great. Captions are shown with the picture now, and you can just browse through all the pictures directly with the left arrow and right arrow keys (or by clicking on the left/right hand side of the photos). You can also try it out with these pics...
Other travel reports will get updated as well. If you're wondering why I needed yet another new gallery script, read on...
The main content of this site are the photo reports of my travels, but because the photo galleries in them are all generated by javascript, Google (which ignores javascript) can't find any of my photos and as a result my travel photos can't be found in Google Images. I've been wanting to change that, especially after I noticed that the few lousy pictures in my favourite music article (which doesn't use javascript) get me quite a lot of visitors through Google Images.

A while ago I discovered the Lightbox scripts (thanx Stijn), which let you create galleries in plain HTML (A and IMG tags) and add gallery functionality to the tags after the page is loaded. The end result is the same, but since the images are in HTML, Google can find them. At first I wanted to change mw own floating thumbnail script to work like that, but realistically I'll never find the time for that so I decided to just change the Lightbox script to my needs.

Fia Sun 08 Jul 2007 @ 14:33
The new photoscript is much better than the last one!! :-) Although it took me a few tries to figure out how the navigation worked, without getting back to the front page the whole time. (Clicking outside the picture instead of 'Back'.)


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