Movies The 300 Monday 28 May 2007
When I first heard a movie was being made about the stand of king Leonidas and his 300 Spartans against the Persian army at Thermopylae, I was excited because that is my favourite episode in world history (cfr. my Greece photo report). It actually brings tears to my eyes when I read about it. Then I found out the movie was actually being based on a graphic novel, and saw the trailer which showed a lot of idiotic cliché-driven dialogue, so I didn't plan to see it at all. Now I finally went to see it after all.

Since my expectations were low, I actually enjoyed it. The idea of turning a historic event into a fantastic story is great. The visuals were superb, and I really liked all the exagerations including the superhero nature and the deathwish of all the Spartans. The dialogues were as lame as the trailer suggested though, and even worse were the sentimental moments involving Leonidas' wife. All-in-all I think all the ingredients were here for a great movie but the Hollywood treatment ruined it. 6/10.

Favourite moment: when near the end king Leonidas says something like "I hope in the centuries to come travelers will come to this place and remember our deeds" - that's exactly what I did! Picture in my site banner.


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