Politics WANTED: Politician who... Sunday 20 May 2007
  • does not seek to combine several mandates
  • speaks his mind in clear, honest and direct language rather than fluffy, hollow, paternalistic language designed to offend the least number of people
  • does not engage in demagoguery, like promising to create x00000 new jobs while politics has very little influence on that
  • favours the continued redistribution of wealth from rich to poor
  • considers the right to strike holy, but opposes the use of economic blackmail on society (e.g. by blockading roads and airports)
  • favours strong labour unions within companies, but opposes labour unions exerting political power - social policy is to be decided by the democratically elected parliament, not by any self-interest groups
  • has a practical rather than a dogmatic approach to energy policy
  • wants to at least try to do something about the chronic traffic jams around Antwerp and Brussels - I don't understand how this issue, which cripples our economy and affects hundreds of thousands of people, is not even on the table
  • wants much tougher punishments for physical violence
  • wants to legalise cannabis
  • supports the right to euthanasia
  • supports the right of gay couples to adopt children
  • favours an agressive stance against racism, especially in the labour market. integration has no chance as long as it's 10x harder for people of Arabic origin to find a job.
  • favours an equally agressive stance against the growing fascism (sexism, religious intolerance, racism against jews) within the islamic community
  • is not a flag-waving nationalist, but is not afraid to play the card of Flemish independence during negotiations with French-speaking parties
  • opposes Israel's colonialism
  • wants an increased and fixed budget for aid to developing countries

These are the issues closest to my heart. I would already be glad to find a candidate for our national elections in June who shares my opinion on the majority of these issues. Unfortunately, in our particracy there are only as many political programs and styles as there are political parties, and none of them appeal to me. So like most people, I'm condemned to going for what I consider the least bad choice.


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