Movies Inland Empire Sunday 25 February 2007
The newest David Lynch is said by some to be his masterpiece, so as a fan of David Lynch I had to see it, but it turned out to be my worst movie experience ever. There were a handful of good moments, like the opening scene, but during the middle hour Laura Dern (looking better than ever btw) descended into a sort of hellish madness, and so did the movie. Nothing made any sense or was in any way even remotely interesting, it was all just utterly, utterly boring, and even the production value was terrible with the signal to noise ratio sometimes below 1 and the hand camera being held by someone with Parkinson's. Sitting through this very much reminded me of those 12+ hour bus rides without leg room that I have to make while traveling.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if in a year David Lynch would say "I deliberately made a movie as bad as I possibly could, just to see how many people would still pay to see it" - it was that ridiculously bad. 1/10 because Laura Dern and Justin Theroux were in it.


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