Site News Online album editor Saturday 18 April 2009
I've written the online album editor and am very pleased with it (and with myself and most of all with jQuery). From now on I just have to upload pictures and then the website makes thumbnails, lets me drag them around the album page and add and edit blocks of texts, headers, youtube movies or anything else between them, resulting in a photo report made directly in the browser.

To try it out I'm making part 6 of my East-Africa travel report (20 months late), here are two screenshots of the editor in action...

Update: you can now read part 6 of my East Africa report with 42 photos and 2 clips, though it's all mostly about painful bus rides. The next part will be much better, about the Serengeti safari! I'll try to finish that this week.

There are temporarily two PHOTOS links in the menu, the right one is for the new reports (only Africa atm). Later I'll make one link for the big travel reports and one for all other pictures.


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