Photos Sold a photo Thursday 21 August 2008
A picture I made was spotted on this site by National Geographic and will be printed in the October issue of their Traveler magazine! I'm even getting paid for it, so I feel like a hotshot photographer now.

Ironically, after I've traveled all the continents and made tens of thousands of pictures along the way, the picture they wanted was one I made in Tongeren, a Belgian town. Here it is...
Those are the shadows of Lotte and me on the bottom left btw, but maybe they'll cut the left part of the picture, we'll see.

Speaking of pictures, a photo report of our South East Asia trip is coming but I won't start until late September. In the middle of September I'll be giving workshops "How to write Antverpian" as part of the offical "dialect week" of the city of Antwerp, so I'll be busy with that.

Fragske Sat 23 Aug 2008 @ 14:50
It is a nice pic :)
especially with those shadows


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