Traveling Last update from Bangkok Sunday 3 August 2008
I decided to make a day trip to Ayuthaya today, one of the destinations we canceled earlier when we came straight to Bangkok from Sukothai. Tbh I only went because I wanted to put another UNESCO World Heritage Site under my belt, but it turned out to be a good decision, Ayuthaya has some really nice monuments, more so than Sukothai. It's still nothing compared to Angkor though :)

Yesterday we walked around China town. When I got bored with all the markets we went into a random hotel to get an icecream. We ended up in a revolving restaurant on the top floor with an amazing 360 degree panorama of Bangkok around us. I made a movie walking around the whole place, we were the only customers anyway :)

Tomorrow at midnight we're taking a plane home, so this is the last update. I think we'll be spending most of the day figuring out how we're going to get all our souvenirs home. We'll have to make our hand luggage very heavy in any case :) When we're home we're gonna put all of them together and make a picture.

This evening I still wanna go to Swensen's, a chain of ice cream bars which we first discovered in a mall in Phnom Penh. They have luscious ice creams which I've been craving for ever since...

I've uploaded some pics of Thailand...

Thailand 2008


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