Traveling Update Thursday 31 July 2008
Hi again! Today was another long day on which we only managed to do half of what we intended. Maybe a week in Bangkok isn't enough :) Did a lot of souvenir shopping and ended in a bar with a great live band. I got four funny T-shirts for myself and also spent 80 euro on one single thing for our home, the most I ever spent on a souvenir. You'll have to come see what it is :)

Meanwhile it seems my work on the Antwerp language is getting mentioned in all the newspapers at home (or their websites at least) and the webstats for are through the roof; it's time I can get back to work on that :)

Another very cool thing is that it turns out I am on TV here in Bangkok, regularly even. I kid you not! About 7 years ago me and my team Cicatrix played in a computer league for an Asian satelite station called NOW (Network of the World). We never got to see the matches and the show around them ourselves, but guess what, we get that station on the TV of our hotel room here in Bangkok, and amazingly they are rebroadcasting those matches from 7 years ago every day at 5pm!

I haven't actually seen a match with my team yet (we're usually out all afternoon and evening) but they show Cicatrix in the ranking at the end of every episode and since we were one of the top teams in the league our matches are surely getting broadcasted all the time. If I just stayed in the hotel I would get to see myself - as the 3D character Godsmurf that is - on TV, how cool is that? Well, Lotte thinks it's not cool at all because it's "just a stupid game", bah :(

Godsmurf Mon 01 Dec 2008 @ 20:54
Clearly she is or she wouldn't live with me. She's just a bit disoriented when it comes to technology :)

BosjeR Sun 23 Nov 2008 @ 17:05
'just a stupid game'? The nerve... Clearly not a woman with taste!


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