Music Interpol in Brussels Saturday 24 November 2007
Yesterday I saw Interpol perform in Vorst Nationaal in Brussels. Interpol was one of my favourite bands of recent years, along with Tool and Archive, until last July when they released their third album which sucks. I'd already bought tickets for this concert then, and luckily they played many songs from their brilliant first two albums as well.
Like Tool they played all their songs almost exactly like on CD, didn't speak and didn't do anything surprising, so it wasn't much different from listening to their music at home. Highlight of the concert was "Not Even Jail", surprisingly because that song doesn't stand out in recording. They played "Slow Hands", their best song, too fast in my opinion, and they didn't play "Leif Erikson", my second favourite Interpol song.

All-in-all an enjoyable concert with great music, but still a waste of money since they just emulated their recordings. 7/10
Books Pictures of book presentation Monday 5 November 2007
Last Friday I presented my book "Antwerps schrijven" at the Boekenbeurs with Katastroof, one of Antwerp's most famous bands, playing some live music. Here are some pictures. Obviously they're not travel pictures but I don't have a section for other albums :) Below is a scan of the article that appeared in Het Laatste Nieuws.
Photos Pictures of Riga Sunday 4 November 2007
I was in Riga on business last Wednesday and in the evening managed to walk around the city center a little and take some pictures. Check 'em out here. Riga looks like a fine destination for a weekend trip!

About me Toes falling off Sunday 28 October 2007
When I climbed the volcano Nyiragongo in Congo in August, I had forgotten to clip my toenails and on the way down that really hurt and afterwards I found that my two big toenails were all bloody underneath. I've had that before and eventually the blood grew out of them, but when I got home Lotte cast one look at them and said "they're going to fall off". That sounded horrible and impossible so I bet her they wouldn't, but a week ago I noticed my right toenail was practically loose and today, more than two months after that descent, I've had to pull it off. It felt like amputating part of myself, ew! But underneath it's just skin, not the bloody pile of flesh I was expecting, so I didn't faint. Toenail number two is still looking good so the bet may still be a draw!
Traveling More traveling Tuesday 23 October 2007
I haven't had time to start on the report of my Africa trip yet, but I've already planned three mini-trips for the remainder of this year. Next week I'm going to Riga (Latvia) for one day on a business-trip for my new job (more about that later). Latvia will be my 37th country and the 7th new one this year! Then at the end of November I'm going to Barcelona for four days with Lotte to see her exposition and her lecture and Barcelona itself. Then between xmas and new year we're going to the Ardennes (Durbuy) for three days with Puk.
About me Book and exposition Friday 19 October 2007
I feel part of a celibrity couple these days :) First off, Lotte is getting a solo-exposition of her jewelry in Barcelona next month, and is also invited to give a lecture about it at the end of the exposition. Slight problem though, the organisers in Barcelona printed the cool invitations you see below (click to enlarge) before checking the date with her; Lotte was only planning to go to Barcelona for the opening of the exposition and it remains to be seen if she can go again at the end.

Meanwhile my book has been printed, Katastroof (a famous local band whose texts I used in the book) is advertising it on their site, and I'll be giving a lecture about it on the Boekenbeurs. Here's a picture of all copies of my book, ready to go forth and conquer the world...

Posh and Becks have nothing on us!
World News Taking a hot bath on top of Mont Blanc Tuesday 16 October 2007
Some 20 crazy Swiss people got the plan to climb Mont Blanc, build a tub on the summit and heat up enough snow inside it to take a hot bath together. And so they did, awesome! Check out the pictures here. Sucks though for other people summiting that day, your sense of accomplishment for reaching the top of the highest mountain in Europe must be somewhat diminished when you find 20 people taking a hot bath there :)
Language is live Monday 15 October 2007
Yesterday I launched my new website which I intend to become the website about the Antwerp language. For the moment it's mainly there to promote my book though, of which you can see the cover on the right (see it full size here).

I programmed that website with CakePHP, which is a Rails clone for PHP. This site was made with Ruby on Rails and while I loved Rails, I hated Ruby, so CakePHP was a relief to work with. I may remake this site with it later, which should make it quicker.
Gaming 100% profit - wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Thursday 11 October 2007
Earlier I wrote how I bought Nintendo shares on February 22nd for 203 euro a piece and made a 25% profit after 4 months. Then in July I wrote about it again when I was at 50% profit after just 5 months.

Well, today, less than 8 months after buying the shares, my precious Nintendo stock has more than doubled in value; they're at 414 euro a piece right now, or 104% more than what I paid. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving :) I'm still not selling though, so it's all theoretical profit still. Nintendo is now the 2nd most valuable Japanese company btw, ahead of the likes of Sony and Honda. Only Toyota is more valuable still.

Update: To celebrate my new found riches, I bid on three different watches on eBay, and I won all three bids :) So as of now I guess I'm a watch collector.
Music Audiots Thursday 4 October 2007
I've always been somewhat bemused with people who are obsessed with audio or video quality (imo real music and movie fans are only obsessed about music and movies) but I never knew there was a whole scam industry built around this obsession, selling ridiculously expensive cables and other rubbish that magically makes the digitally stored music and images appear crisper. Check these Slashdot comments and especially this page for some funny examples. My favourite are the $200 CD labels that help you capture the least significant bits that get lost and never get off the disc - from the other side of the disc!
About me I'm a cool high nerd Thursday 27 September 2007
How about you? says I'm a Cool High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!
Movies Control Monday 24 September 2007
Movie about the life of Ian Curtis, the singer of my all-time favourite band Joy Division, directed by Anton Corbijn who in the past made great video clips for Depeche Mode and Front 242, two of my other favourite bands. This movie could only be excellent, and it was, but it's only for Joy Division fans. By itself it's probably just a depressing movie about a guy struggling with epilepsy and a marriage he regrets, but as it offers insight into the life of one of the great geniuses of modern music and features many of his songs and lyrics, it's fantastic to watch - if you're into Joy Division. 9/10
Politics Pat Condell Saturday 22 September 2007
I just discovered Pat Condell, a British comedian who posts witty webcam movies in which he tackles religion and religious politics. A quote from his site: "Don't get me wrong. I’m not saying religion doesn’t have its uses. Personally I turn to it whenever I want my intelligence insulted."
Commodore 64 Mac vs. PC vs. C64 Sunday 16 September 2007
Funny movie!

Traveling Maps Saturday 15 September 2007
I've updated my countries-visited-map and created the map of my last trip in preparation of the photo report (which will probably take a looooooong time to complete).

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