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Linda Meyerriecks Wed 09 Jul 2008 @ 20:45
Godsmurf, I like some of your images. How do we get in touch with you?

Godsmurf Sun 09 Sep 2007 @ 20:31
Hi Sam,

I checked, the only nowctf demo I have is TS vs. nEo. If you want that, mail me (link at the bottom of the site).

Sam Fri 07 Sep 2007 @ 22:29
Dunno I you remember, but I watched your games for the NOW CTF thing. The map was called the last post I think...Anyway you inspired me to go into competitive play and now i play quake 4 1 on 1s :D

ps do u have demos of the now ctf thing? coz i cant find em anywhere.

anyway have fun


Fia Mon 23 Jul 2007 @ 08:37
Happy Birthday Goldsmurf! :-)

Fia Sun 08 Jul 2007 @ 16:26
Hey, can't you make a "Favourite books" list as well? I'm reading a lot of classic books now and it would be interesting to see what kind of books you like most. (For example, you have made me want to read the bible and the koran! Not right now, but someday...) :-)

Godsmurf Tue 24 Apr 2007 @ 15:24
Glad to hear that!

I use Photostitch, an application that comes with Canon cameras but can be used to stitch any images together.

My mail is linked in the footer if you have more questions btw.

SixFeetOver Tue 24 Apr 2007 @ 14:36
Dear Godsmurf,
unnecessary to say, but your site is really great and it helped und encouraged me to do the ECB trek with my 11y old son on our own - no porter - no guide - and we had such a good time - it was super... Thank you!
How do you make your great panorama pictures (Witch software)?

Khalil Hnain Sun 01 Apr 2007 @ 05:05
you have got the best and memorable memories by taking the best view of the parliment building,the Old Souks in Tripolibut also the St Gilles Citadel,the Beaufort in Sidon and the sunset over Beirut and the Jounieh by night!

Tablet Tue 09 Jan 2007 @ 10:48
I like your site very much indeed.

NickySS Sun 24 Dec 2006 @ 14:32
Nice info, big thx.

Dr. Rita Rae Fontenot Thu 09 Nov 2006 @ 19:31
I happened upon your site by accident. I really like what you have put together. I love travel also, and do it frequently. I did your interactive map link and have visited 42 countries so far, but not some of the ones you have been too. Haven't seen India yet. Next July 1st is my 50th birthday and I want to do a spectacular trip---like see 10-15 places around the world in 50 days and do it all in First Class.
Any suggestions? Who is Godsmurf?

Blue skies, RR

leylandia Mon 24 Jul 2006 @ 12:56
I can not believe that you are going to visit Peru and Bolivia and not Chile!!
Are you looking for mountains?....we have thousands, all our est is just a wall of them!check it out!!
I was looking in Google the program of Werchter to find the music from a band that I heard on Saturday but I cannot remember...
Any way is a nice page, I like it a lot..
a last recomendation.... go to Camino de Inca walking 3 days is incredible, and do not miss Copacabana in Bolvia, and the train is unique!
Good luck!

River Tue 11 Jul 2006 @ 09:51
Great site. Good info.

Tijl Van de Velde Wed 03 May 2006 @ 18:11
Aaaah it's a very relaxing site with lot's of interesting news and beautiful pictures. The more mountains the better. The background is also very smood and silently beautiful. Keep up the good work Godsmurf.

ps: don't forget to go to the photoshop for my beautiful picture.

nk Sun 19 Mar 2006 @ 13:36
"kol hakavod"
congratulations for the new web site

Willie Thu 09 Mar 2006 @ 06:29

Godsmurf Sun 01 Jan 2006 @ 00:00
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