Favourite Movies (10209 views, 0 comments)
My favourite movies and directors, all linked to IMDB.
Favourite Music (60455 views, 6 comments)
My favourite musical artists, albums, songs and compositions.
Favourite Quotes (2710 views, 0 comments)
This is a work in progress.
Favourite Sites (2770 views, 0 comments)
My favourite and most recommended web sites.
Godsmurf the gamer (19053 views, 0 comments)
An account of my career as a gamer and gaming organiser up to 2001, when my clan Cicatrix quit serious competition.
Ancient Egyptian (3329 views, 7 comments)
A self-made dictionary of ancient Egyptian.
Internet abbreviations (2958 views, 0 comments)
Abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in internet chat.
Lyrics from Trois Couleurs - Bleu (18607 views, 7 comments)
The Greek lyrics of the "Song for the Unification of Europe" by Zbigniew Preisner, featured in Kieslowski movie Trois Couleurs - Bleu, explained.
Greeks and Romans (2631 views, 2 comments)
Drawing parallels between the Europeans and Americans of today's world and the Greeks and Romans of ancient times.
Israel and Palestine (2592 views, 0 comments)
My opinions on Jewish culture, the founding of Israel and Israel's conflict with the Palestinians.
The war against Iraq (6949 views, 0 comments)
My opinions on the invasion of Iraq, written about a week after it began in March 2003.
Countries and Locations Visited (13954 views, 2 comments)
A list of countries I've been to and a world map marking which locations.
Top cities and countries (2409 views, 0 comments)
Top cities and countries to visit.
World Heritage Sites visited (2394 views, 0 comments)
List of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that I've visited.