Favourite Sites
Definitely the one site I couldn't do without. This community-edited encyclopedia often gets bad press because the fact that anyone can edit it means there are biased articles and sometimes deliberate mistakes. However, the community aspect just as often results in all views on controversial issues being covered, and I find it easy to recognise bias anyway. Wikipedia's strength is its incredible scope: besides covering history, science and the like, there are also detailed articles on movies, TV series, computer games, and just about any other subject anyone is interested in.

Slashdot posts news about all things that interest nerds - "News for nerds, stuff that matters" is its slogan. Besides IT, typical topics are space, science, games and political issues like privacy rights and democratic procedures. One doesn't read Slashdot for the news though but for the discussions. Each news item gets hundreds of comments, and each single comment is rated from -1 to 5 by the community. You can filter out the comments below a minimum rating - I use 5. Since Slashdot is frequented by many smart and eloquent people, you get to read a series of intelligent and informed opinions without having to wade through a lot of rubbish. I learn a lot from reading Slashdot.

News about digital cameras, mp3 and media players, mobile phones, laptops, GPS, game consoles, robots, etc, all delivered in an amusing style.

Betfair is a betting site where you can buy and sell bets on participants in sports events (or elections) while they are going on, which is far more exciting than ordinary sports betting. Technically it is one of the most impressive sites I know; during an important football or snooker match millions of euros are being traded live without any hitch. Stock trading sites are primitive in comparison.

A site dedicated to historic and current sales figures of games and gaming consoles (e.g. Wii, Playstation and XBox). Not really my most favourite topic, but I love how passionate the community on this site is about statistics - there is even a prediction league for sales figures.

Het Laatste Nieuws
My primary source of Flemish news. Much better than the paper version (which is the most popular but also most trashy news paper in Flanders).

Gmail + Google Calendar
GMail is by far the best and fastest webmail around, and the reason Microsoft (Hotmail) and Yahoo have been forced to drastically improve their service - they looked ridiculous in comparison. It's astounding that most people continue to use the ultra-slow and clumsy Hotmail. Google Calendar is also lightyears ahead of the competition.


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