Site News This site Wednesday 18 May 2011
This site has been inactive since I got on Facebook and will remain so. I'm keeping it up for the old travel reports, but I don't want to put in the effort to keep it spam-free, so I've just turned commenting off. If you want to contact me, there's an email link at the very bottom of the page (click on "Godsmurf"). Maybe some time in the distant future I'll make a site with just travel photos, that would be nice.
Site News Morocco pictures - parts 8, 9 and 10 Tuesday 15 September 2009
Voila, the Morocco travel report is finished! Three more parts were added, about the gorges, about the kasbahs of Taourirt and Telouat, and about Casablanca. All have some fantastic pictures I think. I'm too lazy to put up samples here, just look at the index to see some of the very best pics.
Site News Morocco pictures part 7: the desert Tuesday 8 September 2009
After a few months of intense website building (first and then I've picked up the Morocco travel report again. Here is part 7 about our desert trip and nearby Rissani. The other parts will follow quickly now as I've already sorted out all the pics.
Photos Tongeren pic Tuesday 18 August 2009
The picture of Tongeren that National Geographic bought for their Traveler magazine has appeared in two more publications since. Today I got another small cheque because the picture has been reused in a magazine called "Slovenian Traveler", sweet!
Site News More Morocco pictures Sunday 14 June 2009
I've been working on a new website for a while but this weekend I continued the Morocco travel report, which now has two new parts about the first days of our car trip in the south. There are mostly pictures of the great landscapes we drove through and of Aït Benhaddou, Morocco's famous kasbah.
World News Obama Thursday 4 June 2009
"In the middle of the Cold War, the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically-elected Iranian government". I never thought I'd live to see the day when an American president would admit to something like this (and there is plenty to choose from), but Obama said this in his speech to the muslim world today. Truly amazing, even though they're only words.
Site News Morocco pictures part 4: Marrakesh Sunday 24 May 2009
Marrakesh was the nicest city to stay in in Morocco and had the most impressive monuments, but it lacks the pleasant culture shock effect of Fez. Read all about it in part 4 of the Morocco travel report (I link to the index now coz it's starting to look good :) ).

So I've put up pictures of 10 of the 20 days now after being back less than a week. The rest will be a bit slower in coming but not much. From now on it's all picture of nature and kasbahs, and though the first half of the trip was great we thought the 8-day car trip that I'll talk about in the next parts was even better.
Site News Morocco pictures part 3: Meknes & Volubilis Saturday 23 May 2009
Here is part 3 of the Morocco pictures about the empirial city of Meknes, the Roman ruins at Volubilis and the holy town of Moulay Idriss.
Site News Morocco pictures part 2: Fez Wednesday 20 May 2009
Here is part 2 of the Morocco pictures about Fez, the country's most fascinating city.
Photos Morocco pictures part 1: northern Morocco Tuesday 19 May 2009
We're back in Belgium since yesterday! It's been a great trip, one of my best trips in fact, but the last few days (after we returned the car) were a bit too much so we're glad to be back home.

I promised to put up the pictures quickly this time and I deliver: here's part 1 of the travel report already with pictures of our first three days, spent in the northern towns of Tetouan (a world heritage site) and Chefchaouen (our favourite place in Morocco).

There should be a new part every few days. Up next: Fez!
Site News Smurf clemento in deserto Tuesday 12 May 2009
We're four days into our car trip so far and it's been fantastic already, wonderful views along the way - especially the mountain passes - and beautiful kasbahs, especially Ait Ben-Haddou which was the highlight of the trip so far, just like I expected it would be. We first visited it in the evening but it was cloudy so I woke up at 5am next morning, saw that the sky was clear and went back again to make lots of beautiful pictures in the early sunlight. I did the same next day to climb the little mountain near Zagora, that way lazy Lotte can sleep late while I get some exercise.

Two days ago we arrived in Merzouga on the edge of the Sahara near the Algerian border. We walked and climbed the lovely dunes there and last night did a camel trip including a night under the stars. Unfortunately it was cloudy and almost no stars to see, luckily I'd already tried out the star map my little sister gave me the night before and actually found Saturn and the constellation of Leo (my sign incidentally). I hope to get more stargazing occasions in the remaining days. We're now starting to head back west towards Marrakesh and plan to visit the Todra and Dades gorges along the way and hopefully visit a silver mine.
Photos Morocco pictures! Thursday 7 May 2009
Since Lotte is following a Moroccan cooking course today, I'm using my solo time to back up some of the photos we made so far. Which gives you the chance to view them...

Morocco 2009
Site News Marrakesh Wednesday 6 May 2009
Aaah, finally found a decent internet connection. Yesterday we arrived in Marrakesh and were very amazed to find a very modern, clean and seemingly prosperous city. This feels more like Barcelona than like what you'd expect here. Also, mostly modern looking people. You see more women with head-scarves in my area of Antwerp than here, for example. Very touristy feel to the place though, even though only a small percentage of the people walking around are actually tourists.

On the train yesterday I made a great plan for a tour around the south of Morocco by rental car. We're leaving here friday morning and it will take about 7 days, filling most of the rest of our journey. It will take us over the highest pass in the Atlas, through the Draa valley, past all the major kasbah's and castles, into the Dades Gorge and over small roads in desert area right to the edge of the sahara for a desert excursion. So I'll probably be offline the whole week, dunno.

Btw if the swine flue catches on in Europe we're not coming back and will just settle in Marrakesh :p
Site News Exit Meknes Tuesday 5 May 2009
A quick update just to let the home front know all is well. We spent the last two days in Meknes which we liked a lot. Today we visited the Roman ruins of Volubilis. Tomorrow we head to Marrakesh. We're changing plans completely and will probably rent a car there to tour the south, as traveling there without your own ride seems too hard.
Site News Day 3 (Fez) Thursday 30 April 2009
Hello from Fez where we just arrived. I gotta keep it short and probably won't be updating a lot during this trip, BUT I'm gonna put up the pictures quickly afterwards as promised. We already visited the small cities of Tetouan and Chefchaouen (VERY nice place) and yesterday spent all day hiking in the Rif mountains near Chefchaouen, so our legs are hurting today but not in a bad way. The next few days we'll be in Fez.

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